the low·down [n. loh-doun]

the real and unadorned facts; the true, secret or inside information.


The Lowdown Company is the fastest, most authentic way to identify actionable insights from your customers.

Real conversations.  Real people.  Real solutions.

“James is a commercial secret weapon, a storyteller who uses film and video to bring insights to life. He is quick, smart, visual and absolutely incredible at interviewing to garner insights.”
— Marian Salzman, CEO Havas PR North America
“When I work with James, I know I’ll get top-quality ethnographic product, but I’m surprised again and again that I always get wisdom. “Insight” is a flimsy word in our world; but connection and compassion and understanding — well, that’s what James and his grade-A crew peddle.”
— Michael Fanuele, Chief Creative Officer at General Mills
“The Lowdown are a dream come true for anyone looking to produce and chronicle an ethnographic study or a consumer creative workshop. James’ understanding of his craft is first-rate, and his ability to develop reality-style ethnographic research and other powerful tools means he is a joy to work with.”
— Graeme Hutton, Communications Research and Insights Director, Universal McCann
“James is a master of provoking, facilitating and capturing moments that change the future of your business. A fine mind. A great talent. A valued friend.”
— Ted Parrack, Chief Strategy Officer, Colangelo


Our proven methods have reinvented how consumers and brand leaders learn from each other.

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